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My latest project is Thomas Maddi Photography; a photography studio in the Tallahassee FL area specializing in wedding, beach,, portraiture and fine art landscape photography.
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Responsive layouts that adapt to the viewing device, such as laptop, tablet or mobile.

Premium Design

An amazing variety of styles, colors, and typography to provide the perfect design for any project.


Optimized code that takes advantage of the latest web technologies to help make your site blazingly fast.

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Florida Keys - Islamorada

There are lots of benefits to working with an independent Web Designer. When I'm working on a project I am the main point of contact avoiding any communication issues that might occur with larger companies. I work from my home office which means you will avoid paying large fees to cover a large company's overhead for services you don't need.

I can build a website for you that will not only look great but also help you gain visitors and revenue. Not only do I have experience working with many types of businesses, I can provide solutions that work with your type of product or service to create a refined website that reflects your company's goals. I believe all websites including corporate, should generate a balance of simplicity and personality. By making sure that each and every aspect of the design has been executed thoroughly, websites can be clean and minimal without looking sparse. All of my websites are constructed with Search Engine Optimization out of the gate using the latest HTML5 standards. I make sure that every site I build is optimized to be user friendly, media responsive and search engine friendly.

Please contact me for my availability, pricing, plans and details.

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