The Florida Keys - Everglades National Park
Fly and Light Tackle Fishing Guide

I guide my anglers on fly and light tackle in the Florida Keys, Florida Bay, Flamingo and in the seldom seen areas of the Everglades National Park.


I'm a fly and light tackle fishing guide living in the Village of Islamorada located in the Florida Keys. I specialize in sight fishing for tarpon, bonefish, permit, snook, redfish, largemouth and peacock bass. I offer full and half-day fishing trips just about anywhere in the Florida Keys and the Everglades National Park. Additionally, I offer fly casting instruction on an hourly basis.

16' Whipray - 70HP Yamaha
18' Mirage HPX - 150HP Yamaha VMax
Fly Rods by Sage
Fly, Spin and Plug Rods by GLoomis
Fly Reels by Abel
Clothing and Gear by Patagonia

Fly Fishing and Light Tackle

My fishing method of choice has almost always been the fly rod... but years of experience as a fishing guide and angler has taught me that the fly rod is not always the right tool for the job. Often, weather conditions, the species of fish and geography may call for using spin or plug tackle.

For example, many of the places that I guide in the Everglades are small bays connected by narrow creeks... too tight for a back cast or even a roll cast, but the fish are there. The challenge and skill level required for making a great presentation to a fish with plug or spin tackle is no less demanding or fun.

At the risk of not being considered a "purist," by some of those who think they are, I would encourage anyone to become the "complete" angler by mastering all the different methods of casting, whether it's fly fishing, spin, or plug tackle.

Your guides knowledge, experience and willingness to travel and fish different areas will lead to greater success on all target species throughout our fishery. I believe that fishing should be fun regardless of the method you choose. In my opinion, you and your your fishing guides willingness to do whatever it takes to make the most of the fishing conditions is the key to success. Selection of flies, artificial's and baits, presentation, know-how and a little luck, all lead to the mastery and enjoyment of the sport.

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